• Are you sick...

If you are sick and tired of hearing yourself say that you are sick and tired and you know innately, that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing, then therapy maybe the the missing piece.

Life is like a puzzle and we all attempt to put the pieces together the best way we know how. Oftentimes, we follow the example of those in our closest circle, which usually consists of our parents, family members and friends, and we still come up short. After trying and trying to figure out life on our own, we often simply give up on happiness and fulfillment and settle for the comfort of dysfunction. 

Thankfully, your story does not have to end like this. Change is available the instant you decide to take the first step. 

 It’s a big first step…. 

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Deciding that you want counseling can be a very scary decision to make. Oftentimes, a person will struggle with their religious views, family beliefs, and cultural beliefs when deciding whether or not to seek counseling. Some common thought patterns that arise when deciding to receive counseling or not are as follows: 

“People will think I’m crazy if I get counseling.”

“God/Higher Power is all I need to work things out.”

“You’re weak if you seek counseling.”

“People in our race/culture don’t go to counseling.”

 These thought patterns and religious, familial, and cultural influences can be very powerful and should be seriously considered when making your decision. All private therapists know that deciding to seek counseling is not an easy decision and it definitely should not be made in haste. 

The counseling process will not be used to replace your values and religious beliefs. The counseling process is simply a tool to help you explore your underlying thoughts and feelings in a safe, accepting, and confidential environment.   

Counselors do not give advice. We simply go on the journey with you using our expert knowledge to gently explore your “stuckness”. 

Once you have decided to explore the possibility of working with a private therapist, there are three components to consider before deciding whether or not a private therapist “fits” you. The following three components should be considered:

 1.     Your private therapist should be able to address your issue with compassion and knowledge.

2.     You should feel that you are in an unbiased, nonjudgmental, and supportive environment when speaking with your private  therapist.

3.     You should feel like you are making progress toward your therapeutic and personal goals.

 There is no one size fits all in counseling…

Hypnosis services are now available via phone or video!